A new home, a new chapter

Welcome to The Cosy Home! Before I tell you what you can expect from the blog, let me give you a bit of background…

I’m Bryony and I recently became a first time homeowner when I moved into a new home with my boyfriend in Northamptonshire. I am so so excited to finally have somewhere to call home! After moving out of my family home to live with friends at uni for three years, and then moving into my boyfriends home, I was itching to have somewhere that I could put my own stamp on. Whilst we waited for the perfect house to come around, I became obsessed … and I mean, obsessed, with Pinterest. Pinning ideas for every single room in the house and finding storage solutions I didn’t even know I would need?! We finally found a beautiful bespoke new build stone cottage and it just had our names on it. As the house was still being built when we had our offer accepted, we waited a longggg time to get the keys and even had a couple of months with our belongings in storage while we waited. We finally got the keys in February 2016 – I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to open a door in my life!

Although we’ve been in the house for over a year now, we still have a long way to go to make it our own! With a mortgage and all those bills (ugh, why do we have to pay those anyway?) it really is difficult to get that ‘dream house’ look you see on Pinterest when you have to save up every penny for that chest of drawers you’ve been drooling over for months (I will share the exact drawers I mean later on the blog!).

I started The Cosy Home because I wanted to share my journey creating a ‘dream home’ that is desirable but attainable. I believe that a dream home isn’t just about what it looks like, its about how it feels and how it suits your lifestyle. The definition of Cosy is:

Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

…and that is just what The Cosy Home is all about. You can expect to see lots of interior inspiration, DIY tips, recipes and maybe the odd style post thrown into the mix – we all need stylish loungewear right?

We’re stepping into Spring so what better time to start something new! Keep an eye out for my top 10 Spring Picks for the Home.

the cosy home

Bryony x